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All Pests Covered. Commercial and Residential. 07847 276 813


Contract Routines available for your business.

Routine inspection visits for the control of pests.

Internal and external monitoring for the control and elimination of any possible infestations.

Discreet placement of bait stations.

Fly killing machine supply and installation also available.

Full inspection reports will be carried out with documentation for any records you need.

Also free call out visits for contracted businesses.

Liaisons also available with any local authority attending your business to deal with any concerns.

Very reasonable contract rates.

SITE RISK ASSESSEMENT: Site conditions – possible slips, trips & falls Pest control technician Operatives Site users Pest control technician to obtain appropriate information regarding site activities Pest control technician to wear suitable non-slip footwear. Low Pedestrian movement & vehicle –injury to personnel Pest control technician Operatives Site users Pest control technician to sign in at reception on arrival on site. Be aware at all times Take into account others movements and activities whilst carrying out duties Low Handling of poison Pest control technician Wear correct PPE (personal protective equipment) and use as per the label follow manufacturers instructions adhere to safe working practices at all times Low Bait left on premises Non-target species or harm personnel present in building All baits to be placed in plastic, tamper resistant boxes which prevent bait from becoming damp or tampered with, being especially discreet and thoughtful around children, animals and vulnerable persons Position baits well down holes if hole baiting is required Try to keep baits on non pedestrian or public access areas Low Boxes location and siting Pest control technician Operatives Site users All boxes placed safely out of way of public thoroughfares in discreet position Low RA31 Risk Assessment rodent control Contracting Leptospirosis from rat droppings / urine Technician Wear correct PPE i.e. nitrile gloves Low Danger to non-target species Non-target species Technician is trained to RSPH level 2, also has been trained for CRRU – Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use, to identify correct signs of target rats and mice – brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus) and house mice (Musca domesticus), also to recognise signs of protected species ie dormice, water voles and shrews, etc. Low Method Statement Arrive at site wearing correct PPE – high-viz vest, steel toe cap boots, hard hat and nitrile gloves, and sign in at office Use site plan to locate bait boxes While carrying out site inspection remain vigilant for signs of non-target species Check bait visually to ensure it is still fresh and inspect for signs of rodent activity Replace bait as necessary to maintain effectiveness Check bait box is clean and presentable, replacing if necessary Fill in treatment report sheet, place in file and hand in at reception Sign out of premises Return copy of report sheet to RJR Pest control offices.